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05+ Fronter Titan Swap Kit

On sale $3,200.60
Retail Price:$3,367.99
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Part Number:N-TS-F-KIT

Choose Options

Coilover Spring Weight
Coilover Diameter Size
Rear Shock Option
Rear Poly Bump Stops
Front Adjustable Camber Bolts
Rear Shackle Color
Rear Leaf Option
Body Lift
Front Diff CV options
Upper Control Arms
Alcan Spring Shipping
Front Coil Spring Color
Rear Wheel Spacers

Nisstec Full Titan Swap Kit-
Reg Price $2952.49  Sale $2804.86

Fits all 2005 and Up Nissan Frontier and Equator

This is a complete Titan swap kit allowing you to keep your factory front R180 diff and gain nearly 12" of total travel at the tires in front.
Bolting on a combination of front Titan parts giving you about a 6" wider wheel stance and overall gain in wheel travel.
This is the Ultimate step in suspension upgrades, keeping your IFS front suspension.
Offering about 2.5 to 4.5" of total lift (Recommeded to run at 3" for the best overall travel)

You may also upgrade your front diff to a Titan M205. We offer M205 CVs in this kits drop down menu, all you need is a Titan M205 diff. Nisstec can also source M205 front diffs in both new and used conditions, 2 and 3 rib options. The going rate for these diffs change on a monthy basis. Please call us for more info.
In need of having gears installed in your axles? We can do that too

 Nisstec SPEC Radflo Titan Swap Front Coilovers
- Completely rebuildable heavy duty shock body with 7/8" piston provides a more controlled ride on and off road.
- Fully adjustable up to about 4.5" of front lift (When cobined with SPC or Total Chaos UCAs and other Nisstec Titan Swap parts in this kit).
- Nearly 12" of travel at the tire!!
- Outfitted with Eibach Springs- The best springs in the business!!
- Ships assembled for ease of install
- Spanner wrench included

-550 lb. springs- All stock weight 4x4 Xterra’s and Frontier’s. Good for 2wd models with skids, sliders, and tube bumpers.
-600 lb. springs- All models with plate front bumpers, lighter 8000lb winch W/syn line, skids, and sliders
-650 lb. springs- All models with plate bumpers, all of the above with some extra weight
-700 lb. springs- Only for heavy oversized steel plate bumpers with heavy 12000 lb. winch W/steel cable, steel skids, steel sliders...
600 and 650 lb springs are the most common rates used for 4x4 Frontiers and Xterras
Please call us if you are unsure about what spring to choose

Nisstec/Radflo coilovers also available in:
2.0" Shock Bodies- Good for lower speeds (standard with this kit)
2.5" shock bodies- More oil in the shock means it will run cooler. This is the most popular TS coilover in our lineup. Good for both slower wheeling and able to stay cool at higher speeds.
2.5" Remote Res coilovers. This is the ultimate in GoFast Radflo TS coilovers
*Note 2.5" Remote Res coilovers are only available with 600 or 700lb springs

** NOW AVAILABLE in optional spring colors
- Silver - Comes standard
- Black
- Red
- Blue
- Please call for a custom color

- Spanner wrench for adjusting height of coilovers
- SPC upper control arms
Total Chaos uniball UCAs

- Choice of R180 front diff (What you have stock)
M205 Titan CVs with 12ea OEM CV to diff flange bolts

- SpiderTrax  1.5" hub centric Wheel Spacers
Wider 2 or 2.5" Bora rear spacers are also available

- Nisstec Rear Add-A-Leaf- Diamond cut ends with anti friction pads installed. This is one of the best riding AALs on the market.
Custom built to order Alcan leaf packs. Alcan leafs are one of the best springs on the market and able to be taylored to your ideal lift height and vehicle weight. We will call you after placing your order to cover all the details needed to build your custom springs.
*Please note that additional shipping charges are added into the price of the springs. If you live in AK, HI, Canada or a off the path area, we may contact you after placing your order to collect additional shipping charges.
- New leaf springs center bolts
- Axle degree shims
- Longer rear U-Bolts
- Longer front and rear braided stainless steel Brake Lines
- Quality inner and outer Tie Rod Ends (2 inner and 2 outer)
- Quality lower control arms (2)

- Bilstein rear 5100 series shocks
Radflo 2.0", 2.0" Remote Res or 2.5" Remote Res rear shocks.

- Add a 1" or 2" lift body lift to your order.
1" helps to not have to do much front fender trimming when running 33" tires. 2" is ideal to help not have to trim so much when you run 35" tires. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO quite a bit of trimming when running 35s!! We have tested all the way up to 37" Tires with a TS set at 3.5" front lift and 4" rear. Lots of trimming is needed (more so on an Xterra) but it is possible! Please call for all the details.

This is a lot to take in if you are not up to speed on doing a Titan Swap to your vehicle. Please call and talk to us if you have ANY questions.


NOTE- Actual parts shipped may vary from picture shown depending on options

It can take up to 6+ weeks to build all of your custom Titan Swap parts depending on what options you choose

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