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DepHep Roof Rack

Posted by Danny on 10/15/2013 to New Products
Since the Nissan Xterra came out of production in 1999, it has had a barely usable roof rack. Don't get me wrong. It looks cool, is aerodynamic, and fairly sturdy...but it if you have ever used it you will definitely be left wanting! The stock roof rack has little or no tie down points and other than strapping something to the cross bars, it doesn't have that usability factory that most people want. Enter Hep's Designs and the DepHep drop in roof rack.  The exciting new roof rack uses the factory roof rack rails while creating a whole new sturdy rack platform that is well thought out and usable. To install the roof rack you simply remove the factory cross members, set the Dephep roof rack on the OEM roof rack rails, and secure it with the provided rail bracket. It really is a ten minute job! On top of the coolness factor of the rack there are also a bunch of amazing options that you can add to it to take it to the next level. Options like, corrugated floor, movable cross members, extra tie down points, CB mounts, light brackets, and the rear storage extension, make these roof racks the most viable option for your Xterra or Frontier. 

Xterra Performance has teamed up with Hep's Designs to bring you these amazing new products to the Nissan Xterra and Frontier world. Weather you are just throwing some bags on the roof rack or packing for a serious off road adventure the Dephep roof rack is by far the way to go!


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