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The Official GROOT Shemagh (its not a scarf!!!)

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You have asked and we have delivered! Nothing on Gods beautiful earth will make you feel cooler or more Radical! The Official GROOT Shemagh is woven from the beards of long dead Viking warriors. We have also infused our shemaghs with the tailbone hairs from the Antarctic pigmy Yeti. This combination has proven to be the most durable and softest material under the seven moons of Grootersburg. 

With our patented unicorn burnishing techniques, we have created a shemagh that will stay strong under the toughest of abuses man has to offer. 


Some of the testing we have put them through:

  • Moab Hill Climbs at Groot neck speed.
  • The Mcafee Shuffle
  • The wild WENT tundra scamper
  • Valley of Death sun torture test 

Through these tests we have now deemed these rare textiles to be worth the name of GROOT (not the Movie guy)


Buy one now and you will see the world in a different light......especially if you tie it around your eyes....




None -most if not all of the above statements are true.

5 Stars
Podcast host
I was presented this (Not a scarf) as a gift by the off road parts wizard him self last Oct. From the first touch I knew there would be some special power to this (not a scarf). Once I opened the packeging the (not a scarf) formed a symbiotic relationship and bonded to my DNA. Instantly 2 women came to my side, In hand each woman held a shot of vodka and my favorite brew. My Xterra Titan swapped its self instantly! The radio blared "Sweet dreams are made of these" I looked in the mirror and a full beard shot out of my face. Once 5'8" I now stood 6'7" with a ripped body that made the men of the movie 300 weep and cry like babies. I looked in my wallet and a American Express black card appeared. So did this (Not a scarf) change my life? Your damn right it did.. Are there any draw back from this product? Thats a dumb question.. Now give me 200 pushups!
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Reviewed by:  from Middle TN. on 2/17/2015
5 Stars
The Biggest Deal
I wear my shamagh everywhere I go! I personally love the pink because I can wear it with most outfits. It also keeps the littles cool on long hikes. I guess it also doubles as a head piece but I am not sure I love that style. This should be on everyone's list!
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Reviewed by:  from Everywhere. on 2/18/2015

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