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Xterra Window sticker
Xterra Window sticker

Xterra Performance Front Window Sticker

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If you don't have an Xterra Performance front window sticker then you are missing out!
 The Xterra Performance sticker adds a whopping 17.6 MPGs and a staggering 97HP to your Xterra.
 The way it works: 
First, the sticker on the Front windshield creates an immense  vortex of coolness above the window. That amount of coolness sucks the air away from the hot hood and allows for you to not only be really cool above your hood but also really cool under your hood;) The cool coefficient intensifies the suction power of the intake under your hood and causes an quick boost to the driving experience. 
Second, the sheer amount of people ogling your awesomely tagged  rig will cause an intense aura of hater and lusting emotions that coalesce into a cacophony of emotional madness. Using microbiotic organisms that have been implanted into the stickers micro-cells we are able to allow them to feed off the palpable raw emotional energy. This energy is translated into tork using an extremely complex grid of substemic mutlidirectional wave pulsing ion emitters. All of these emitters direct the energy through the rear view mirror. the mirror then directs that energy through the trucks wiring harness where it ends up creating a spark plug  that sparks harder than Zeus himself. 

Multiple colors available! 

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